Celebrity Ink™: A One-Stop Solution for Excellent Tattooing Styles


Are you lately planning to get inked? If yes, please consider relying upon Celebrity Ink™, which has been generating desirable outcome within a stipulated period, and satisfying a wider base of clientele for years. Operating in several prominent locations such as Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Bali, Bangkok, New Delhi, Surfers Paradise, Coomera, Brisbane, Southport, and Melbourne, this particular company has quite successfully become one of the most acknowledged tattoo brands in the entire world. Know more by checking out following write-up right away.

A Brief Note on Celebrity Ink™

Celebrity Ink™ treasures a team of exceptionally proficient and adequately experienced professionals including sterilisation technicians, studio managers, board of directors, graphic designers etc., who put in substantial amounts of effort for maintaining universal standards of excellence. Instead of strictly complying with conventional tactics, all of them try taking a customer’s insights into account, and fabricating styles to meet varying expectations without hassle. Now isn’t that amazing?

Tattoos offered by Celebrity Ink™

Celebrity Ink™ offers a wide range of breathtaking tattoos, which can rejuvenate outer appearance in absolutely no time. The talented artists work with utter precision, and try inflicting as little pain as possible.

  • Black & Grey- Also known as ‘jailhouse’ or ‘joint’, black & grey tattoos could be used for creating bold multidimensional effects.


  • Colour- Even though colour tattoos are phenomenally stunning because diverse combinations of hues are used, they tend to look good only on people with fair complexion.


  • Cover-up Cover-up tattoos are extremely beneficial when one has to conceal a specific motif because it lacks aesthetics or bring back unpleasant memories.


  • Mandala-Mandala tattoos have garnered popularity among larger segments of population. They symbolise wholeness, stability, perfection, and eternity, and looks good when etched on chest, stomach, or thigh.


  • Portrait-Portrait tattoos are incredibly intricate and are generally carved on forearms, biceps, and calves. People need to provide proper resource to artist otherwise their tribute to a deceased family member or favourite musician unfortunately becomes a subject of laughter.


  • Sleeve-Sleeve tattoos are also well-recognised because they incorporate multiple subjects and transit from one to another in a seamless manner.


  • Small- One does not always have to select huge and complicated motifs but even small and simple designs can create a profound impact.


  • Traditional Sakyant- Traditional Sakyant tattoos involve an amalgamation of ancient geometric shapes and Buddhist prayers. They are believed to provide the wearer with magical powers so that he or she can enhance his or her strength, luck, and safety.


  • Water Colour-Water colour tattoos are perfect for light skin tones and they should be cared for properly as chances of fading are high.


  • Writing- Writing or text tattoos are also great because it allows people to express their suppressed sentiments through meaningful quotations.

Hygiene in Celebrity Ink™

Celebrity Ink™ pays maximum attention towards hygiene and tries tattooing customers in a secure as well as comfortable ambience. All artists wash hands with alcohol gel, disinfect equipment, wear high grade gloves, and open shoes prior to entering studio premises for keeping infections at bay.

Why Choose Celebrity Ink™?

Although there are many studios, modern-day individuals prefer services offered by Celebrity Ink™ because it prioritises clients over everything else. Each tattoo is incredibly beautiful, and could effectually captivate attention. Moreover, adherence to internationally recognised safety protocols has also let this company to drive enough traffic.

Contact Information of Celebrity Ink™

Address:    Shop 1038 Westfield Shopping Centre, Coomera, QLD 4209

Phone:       (07) 5627 0832

E-mail:       coomera@celebrityinktattoo.com

Website:   celebrityinktattoocoomera.com


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