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For success of your business it is essential that you make regular full website backups through your cPanel. Moreover it is necessary to download your backups from the server to your computer network. Now you can make backups daily, weekly or monthly, depending on how frequently your website content changes. Jetbackup is your trusted resource to cPanel hosting. cPanel is a “control panel” that will let you easily make daily, weekly or monthly backups of your entire website.

To make a backup, you simply login to your website by going to:

Once you login using your User ID and Password, you go to Backups and make a cPanel full backup.

A full backup is everything on the server, including all your email accounts, databases, public HTML files, sub directories, log files – everything is backed up. You can download full backups and store them on your server.

If you are facing dilemma as to how to backup cPanel server hire services of and the team will guide you. Once you download your backups store them to your server and never just leave there on your server. If your server has a failure, your backup can be lost. You can easily download the backup to your own computer or a computer on your network for safe keeping.

JetBackup offers remote backup service that consists of full backups which are large, compressed files. While running cPanel they can take your backup file and fully restore your website in just a few minutes.

A hard drive on your server can fail or database files can become corrupt. A backup can make it easy and relatively painless to restore your website. The ‘full backup’ option is mainly for your hosting provider to recover your account. Your hosting provider can restore a ‘full backup’.

About JetBackup:

JetBackup is the leading backup solution, or rather backup manager, for cPanel that allows users to back up their cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel remote or local incremental backups, as well as other backup modules. JetBackup is cPanel application that has proved to be of great benefit to all users.

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